Welcome to your 737 MAX's most important fix, AOA DISAGREE

Thank you for purchasing the AOA DISAGREE Notification Option for 737 MAX.
This one works, we promise! There's certainly a chance AOA DISAGREE may save your life!


At the rear of the unit are two potentiometers, labeled 1 (top) and 2 (bottom).
The top pot controls the program. The bottom pot usually controls the speed.

To change a program, use an appropriately sized Philips screwdriver.
In a pinch, a correctly fitting flat driver may be used.

By connecting the notifier to a 3.3V power supply, or to a Powered Receptacle for Notifiers (PoRN)
that allows access to the pots, you can change the program at run-time and see the results immediately.

Program Selection:

Turning the top pot will change the program. This pot, while selecting a program, also has some
play within each program's selection radius; movement of this pot within the program may produce
different effects.

The programs include:

Other programs may exist depending on the hardware version. Please test your unit for available programs.


Do NOT touch Pin 4. Do not short Pin 4 to anything. You have been warned. Doing so could be dangerous.