DC28 Pirate Projects

The Whiskey Pirates again did not design a badge this year. Boo. But our pirates collaborated on other badges, which are presented here.

This is a list of resources for DC28 pirate-involved badge projects. Many are for sale at the trueControl Webshop.

Preview Design Code Qty Built How to get? Info / Links
internet of batteries quantum Concept by Aask
Board design, layout by true
~75 shipped
retail oos
~12 contest/free
~3 fucked
~12 need fw fix
truecontrol Webshop
$110 USD

Internet of Batteries QUANTUM

aoa disagree v2 Concept by Cprossu
Layout, design by true
Send FOIA Lots trueControl Webshop
Single (assembled) $15 USD
Double (kit) $20 USD

AOA Disagree V2

A sky pirate's answer to Boeing's failed indicator.
All new DIGITAL VERSION, powered by the WP CHIP.
LEDs have gone to 11 this year. Variable resistors for adjusting display program and speed.
Fixed up and 3D
printed by Cprossu
n/a Lots trueControl Webshop
Yellow $9 USD
Others $10 USD

Cap'n Crunch Bo'sun Whistle

Preaking through 2020
  • 3D Files: Linked on the webshop

Where is WP this year?

We're online. Some of us are in Vegas. Contact us at @WhiskeyHackers, IRC, discord, or Wire to meet up.

Some more information

The end of 2019 and 2020 were pretty shit. For everyone.

WP is no exception.

Right now we're just laying low, trying to ride it out. We still have lots of booze, big plans, and no money to make them happen.

Hopefully we can bring a little bit of joy to you this year.

Who made your badges?

Well I can tell you they weren't made in China. OK, the PCBs were. I'm sure many of the components were as well. But board assembly was kept local.

true machine- and hand-assembled all Internet of Batteries badges this year. He also hand-assembled any AOAs that people want.

Cprossu 3D printed the whistles.

Many hundreds of hours went into assembly of badges this year. Blame the above people if there are soldering faults on your badge =)

And this year, true kept count of hours for all projects...

About the Whiskey Pirates

We're just a group of hackers and technology enthusiasts from all over the Internet and the world.

Our core base of operations is in Las Vegas, NV.

Membership isn't exclusive or even really a thing. Want in? Be cool.

Key principles:

    Just be cool
    Hack shit, learn shit, teach shit, or chill
    Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free

How can you contact us?

So, you want to help us?

We're pirates. We're not a charity. Whatever ends up our way will be used however we want, and we can't promise anything good will happen or that you'll get anything out of it.

With this in mind, of course we'll take your money, parts, or badge stuff. See us in person for a drink, contact us above or visit whiskeypirates.com for online methods.